Tuesday, October 22, 2013

App Smashing with Smashing Apps

When they first get an iPad, many teachers begin to build a huge arsenal of apps. Math and ELA teachers end up with dozens right away, while history and science teachers hit me with emails: where is the app about Bleeding Kansas or the one about the cloud model of the atom? 

One-hit-wonder apps are great for practicing multiplication skills or sight word recognition, but when skills beyond rote memorization are needed, what's a teacher to do?

Another question was this: none of my teachers have 1-1 iPad classrooms, so how could we make the most out of our resources?

Well, I'm new here, so I really wasn't sure. I did know that when I make projects for my work or organizations, I use content-creation apps.  Sometimes I have to find new ways of sharing my work with others. Thinking of apps this way is called, apparently, App Smashing

This summer I started putting together some example units to see what happened.  You can preview some of my research and favorites at this Symabloo webmix
Stay tuned for use cases and reviews of websites that work everywhere and in many different classrooms, and the apps that make them awesome.

And really, if there's a Bleeding Kansas app, I totally want to know about it.

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