Saturday, December 7, 2013

App Review: EduCreations

Educreations is essentially a 21st Century slate for your students. Using the whiteboard app, students can create and record lessons that combine voice, drawing or writing, and images. You or the students can draw pictures, use images from your camera roll or dropbox. Teachers can also create lessons and have those available for students' review later.

You can use the app without creating an account for each ipad or student, but when we started wanting to save and reuse the creations, we created accounts for everyone. That's easy to do.  That said, we found it difficult to share our lessons on blogs or anywhere that wasn't the Educreations website. When we do work that we want to share, we use Doodlecast Pro instead.
  • Does it do what it says it'll do? Certainly. It's a go-to tool that we use in a million different ways, and the sharing issue is one of the only downsides.
  • Does it solve a current problem in the classroom? Yes. It's hard to find motivating ways to help students demonstrate understanding of concepts or reflect on their learning. Educreations is a great tool for that, especially for students with literacy issues from Dyslexia to second language acquisition.
  • Does it create a new opportunity in the classroom?  Yes. Capturing verbal explanations and letting kids explain their thinking in a way that teachers can review asynchronously? Awesome.
  • Would Thomas Jefferson think it was cool? My standard here is always, "Is this a shiny tool that no one really needs, or does it empower the habits of thought that have empowered good thinkers and leaders for centuries?" I think Educreations gets a thumbs-up from TJ.

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