Thursday, April 10, 2014

Five Apps for Inspiring Secondary Presentations

Here are some of my 5 favorite apps for secondary-level presentations. They look more like the kinds of presentations I saw when I was in the business world and less like the dioramas I made in second grade. See if one of them inspires your middle school or high school students!

Voice Thread: Here's an example of a Voice Thread that includes instructions and then participation from several example students. VT is easy to use and students can chime in at any time - from their phone at home, the iPad in class, wherever - and then you can review the final product with everyone's input.

Padlet: Great for group work - students can contribute many different images, links, or ideas to one bulletin board via anything with a browser. Clean interface and you can sign in once per group or class (Example). (How to video for using padlet)

Glogster: Similar to Padlet, it's basically the online version of the old posterboard (with links, video, sound, social connections, etc.). A little bit messier of an interface but I like the templates that can guide students new to the format. Here's an example Glogster that I created with a class's project instructions. 

HaikuDeck: Let my internet-friend Rafranz Davis tell you why Haiku Deck is awesome. If Power Point had been born on a touchscreen device, and was pretty, it would look like this.

Thinglink: Upload an image (Like the one below) and then create hotspots that can include voice, video, links, etc. Students can explain a diagram, or ...whatever.  If you use this, I suggest getting a Soundcloud account to store your voice clips on.
I hope the examples give a picture of the Presentations 2.0 future for you. If you think twice before you begin, you can get twice as much out of your tablets...and hopefully, your students!

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