Thursday, June 11, 2015

TCEA 7 2015 Conference Materials

Here is the material for my TCEA Region 7 Conference Materials.
I also wish the TCEA website was easier to update. This is my current bio, in case you are burning with curiosity:

Sarah McManus is a teacher in Henderson, Texas. Last year, she taught Computer Applications, Career Education, and Texas History. Next year, she looks forward to teaching just Career Education and having time to use the restroom ever (traveling teachers, I know you feel me). An East Texas transplant, she has worked in Maintenance at Southwest Airlines, the sales department at HEB's Central Market, the swimming pool at Texas Instruments, and, for six years, in Plano Independent School District's Jasper High School ESL Department. 

Actually, it's a long story and just leads to more questions. Stick with the outdated bio; it makes more sense.

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