Friday, June 9, 2017

Full Hearts: Can't Lose

Part of my commitment to "full hearts" in my classroom this year meant a focus on growth mindset and professional talk.  To that end, I created some resources (in Canva, which I mostly love), and used them in a lesson before the first group project and in mini-lessons in all subsequent group events.

If you'd like to use any of these, you can click on them to get a downloadable .PDF or just save the image.

I made these two into a two-sided laminated guide that was placed on each group table.
 PDF version

Students who violated one of the group talk guidelines received a "violation card" from me or Human Resources Manager at the table.

In addition to students being kind and patient with one another, I wanted them to be kind and patient with themselves. I made a guide for how to describe our progress and taught this as part of my character education unit that incorporates the Habits of Mind.

I highlight "growth mindset heroes" throughout the year and this was one of them. This year, students will highlight some for extra credit.  Honestly, this is also part of my goal to have images that reflect the beautiful faces that fill my classroom as well.